Free Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services are useful for saving and backing up files that are important to you.

Why cloud storage?

If you ever find yourself running out of storage on your hard drive, or need someplace to upload and share your files with your family or friends, cloud storage services are an easily accessible option, and some services are free to use to a certain degree.

Cloud services can be used to organize your files and store them on the internet, so that you can access them from any device that can connect to the internet, with your personal account. You can share your files with anyone you choose to, but if you do not wish to do so, your files will be kept private.

Best Cloud Services in 2018


10GB free

(2gb initial, 8gb unlocked with verification)


5GB free

Google Drive

15GB free


15 GB free ( Can expand for free)

All of these free services include
-Folder Syncing
-File Link Sharing
-Folder sharing

Increase your file organization and have them safely backed up to the cloud for free!
If you ever wish to upgrade your storage capacity, each service offers cheap monthly plans for expansion for only a few dollars! Most services also provide an annual discount if you decide to buy bigger plans. Remember to use a complicated and safe password and always have a two-step authentication with any online service or application you use!

Mark Anthony