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Monday, 28 September 2015

"Shell Jumping" Hacking wordpress websites Based on same server

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"Shell Jumping" Hacking Other websites Based on same server using b374k Newbie3viLc063s shell
jmp1.jpg (794×540)

Newbie3viLc063s shell is coded by newbie c0de d3vil, its a suitble shell for "Localhost Jumping"
This shell is new verison of most popular shell b374k 
download it here :
(copy source from pastebin raw data section and paste it in notepad and save as any name .php, like shell.php or devilscafe.php ) 

Step 1- download shell =)
Click On Local Domain To view all websites based on same server 
Check for readable 
[click to view image]
Step 2 - Now choose any website from Local host domain list and copy Senarai User value then goto home and paste in view file/folder after home/replacethiskeyword/public_html/
for example current view file/folder value = home/abc/public_html
and your website's Senarai User value (username) is xyz then view file/folder value will be home/xyz/public_html/
[click to view image]
Step 3 - After Going to that Folder Look for MySQL confiq (wp-config.php in wordpress and configuration.php for joomla ) now open The file and you'll Got datbase username and password here 
it will Looks like 
Username =

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'googlyma_wrdp1');


/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'PHZ2hum6{{KE');

[click to view image]
Step 4- Now Conncet to MYSQL datbase with username and Password
and enter this SQL Query 
UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass =md5( '123456') WHERE user_login = 'admin';
[click to view image]
Step 5- goto : and login with Username and password
[click to view image]

Images Via :Newbie3viLc063s

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