Websites are the best way to express, promote and broadcast any specific
entity. Since it is an Internet, one should take his/her step ahead with this
magic and interaction technology.
There are numerous ways to Create or develop any website. Even Some
websites are already here to provide you pre-maded websites with default
templates just edit and replace it with title of your choice and job done.
In these type of websites you'll Face unwanted adds-on(web plugins) and
website providers will add their own Link in Footer or in Title, like "powered by
ABC" , "Created via XYZ" etc.In addition with it they provides a sub domain for
your website like
These are the few websites which let you building your own one.

what you may like :

  • Too easy you dont need Knowledge of any programing languge 
  • Dont need designing skills or templates 
  • easy one Click publishing 
  • security againest Hacking

what you may dont like :

  • You would not totally independent in modifying stuffs like Layout.
  • Provider's advertisement on website
  • provider's Link on footer
  • not following SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

But still if you want to create your own website without investing single penny
in it, the offer is still good!!
However if you are preferring Minus points in above paragraph, Second way
of website making is building a website on webhosting or cPanel.Which will
provide you paid services and will manipulate contents in efficient and your
own way.
But If you want to make any Forum, social networking and any project
websites, Knowledge of Web designing language is a KEY issue.
if you want to make website with Hosting then buy Hosting from any hosting
service like Bigrock,hostagor,Cpanel and make it.

What You May Like :

  • Awesome Look
  • Design it as you want
  • No Forced Adds 
  • completely Freedom of doing anything in website

What You May Dont Like :

  • You need lot of securiry on Hosting
  • If its hosted on a shared server then is You Need More security and Knowledge about Advanced Hacking Methods of Hacking websites on Shared servers
  • it takes lot of time in maintence and design
in My view wordpress in 2nd Best option  for creating websites
worpress templates and plugins are open source 
you can create Most beautifull and seo Friendly websites  with wordpress 
but you must have knowledge of securing worpress website from hackers, 
wordpress database stored in wp-config.txt so you have to secure it and
fix other vulnrablities

What You May Like :

  • Fast and easy
  • Give your best to feel it best.
  • Awesome Looks.
  • SEO Friendly
  • No ads and external links.
  • Open source Template and Pulgins

What You May Dont Like :

  • Vulnerabilities in Plugins.
Now Turn To easy Free and Best way to Creating awesome website 
You Can Make it with Blogger, Blogger Provided pre designed Blogs But You can do a Lot of things in Blogger
Part 2 about “bloggers” coming soon. Stay tuned !!

Part-2 Updated Read it here


  1. waiting for part 2

  2. nice post
    how to make website on blogger ?

  3. wordpress is also Good if its secure

  4. security is Most importent These days

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