Title : "Simple Upload 53" : Shell Upload Vulnerability
jpeg (207×125)Google Dork : "inurl:simple-upload-53.php"          

Go to Google.com and enter dork ~ 

see search results and select any website 

the exploit url will be link this 


Now Upolad Your shell here as .php.jpg .php.girf etc 
and you can upload your deface in image Type

to view you uploaded file just goto http://www.site.com/files/yourfilehere

Demo site : http://www.stpatricksdayshirts.com/simple-upload-53.php
Uploaded file : http://www.stpatricksdayshirts.com/files/devilscafe.jpg

Funnt Thing : http://www.stpatricksdayshirts.com/simple-upload-53.php?message= Put Your Massege here it will show on website :D

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  2. 100% fun with cool dork..(MaC)

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